Newbie? Book here


I understand that this process is very new to you and can be intimidating, however this is the standard safety verification asked by every reputable model. I must make sure that I am in the company of a trustworthy gentleman. If you don't have other models who can vouch for your character, I must be able to verify that I am safe to be alone with you. 

I am great at keeping secrets ;)  Your information is safe with me and deleted once our date is over. I am known from Seattle to NYC, I am higly reviewed, Eros Verified, and P411 member since 2016. I am easy searched on Google and I am higly active on social media with more than 3.000 followers on Twitter.

My discretion preceds my reputation.

With that being said, please provide one of the following.

IF YOU ARE A NEWBIE YOU MUST  provide ONE  of the following methods :

-PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT, your title, company website, company number, your extention or direct number and what you would like me to say when calling.

Or -Employee clearance badge along with pay stub. A drivers license must be shown upon arrival. 

Or- An email from a corporate or employer account, standard naming convention. A drivers license must be shown upon arrival. 

Or-The link to a corporate profile or LinkedIn page with your picture on it. A drivers license must be shown upon arrival. 

 *If you you have an alternate career, are retired or a full time student contact me for alternate screening.

* Please understand that I do not have an assistant therefore I may not be able to respond right away but I do my best to answer as soon as possible. Also those who send me complete screening info have priority over those who don't. *


Not accepted as a form of screening:

  • Your picture
  • Only your ID
  • Bussiness Card
  • Your word

 Email your screening info to