*In under no circunstance ask me to spend time with you without compensation. I would be delighted to be your companion to any event, dinner, movies, etc, but I expect to be compensated accordingly.

 * Do not ask to be my boyfriend -unless you want to provide me with a $$$$$ hefty montly allowance to be exclusively yours ;) 



  •  To match my freshness, please take a quick shower uppon arrival. Towels, shower gel, deodorant and mouthwash are provided.
  • Please leave my donation in plain sight (NOT IN ENVELOPE) in the room before you shower. 
  • Please respect my rates
  • Do not ask me for face pictures, I have a private life which I am very zelous of.
  • Good communication during the appointment is the key for a an enjoyable time for both of us
  • Be a gentleman
  • Please put your cellphone away, do no try to record or take pictures
  • I am not a clockwatcher but please do not try to take advantage
    • Please do not bring flowers to hotels when I am touring. I appreciate them when I am in Dallas ,but in the hotel it will have to be thrown away in day or two, not to mention that there is no discrete way to go through the hotel with them.


        *Special considerations for extended dates*

-I looove spending time with you, but please remember, I may look like a goddess but I am human, therefore have essential vital needs as such. Revise the following considerations entirely so we can better plan our rendezvous and you can set your expectantions accordingly. ;) 


  • Dates longer than 4 hours, the meals are expected to be provided. 
  • For overnights, 5 (five) hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep is necessary for health reasons.
  • For 24h or longer dates please keep in mind that I need 1 to 2 hours of alone time to work out and/or communicate with family and friends. 


Looking forward to creating wonderful memories with you!!!