Cancellation Policy


I understand that things happen that are totally out of your control - That's life! However, when you don't let me know ahead of time and/or don't take 10 seconds to contact me at all, then I end up losing both time and money by trying to accommodate our rendezvous, therefore I expect the courtesy and the respect to notify me in proper notice if there is a change of plans. 

If you book an appointment and NO CALL NO SHOW at the time of our appointment the full donation for the time reserved will be expected.  Cancellation fees can easily be gifted through paypal, cash app, venmo or google wallet.

Last minute cancellations: The full donation will have to be honored  before you can be seen again.

Long story short: Within 48h %25, 24h 50% , within 8h 100% 

All the above is specially important and enforced during my tours since I have a large upfront put of pocket cost with flights and hotel.

Failure to pay cancelation fee will result in further repercussions, and hinder your chances of seeing other providers while blacklisted.


Remember, this is your "play money" but it is my "rent and bills"money. 


Thank you for understanding :)